StreetWise Partners Mentorship Program

by Kallan Lowry

It is difficult to find a job in today’s world. Not only are people worried about making a good first impression in an interview, but they hope to get a first interview as they compete against the other thousands of applicants wanting to be hired to the same position. Let’s use Tom for example. Tom has been searching the job market for six months hoping to get a position as a computer salesman. He has been taking several online computer classes over the course of 3 years but cannot seem to get a second interview. As Tom was about to ask for his old job back as a part time assistant, he was told to enroll himself as a mentee in StreetWise Partners Program where he met Joe, a 15 year computer sales manager. He spent time evaluating his resume in his sessions when he found out he did not meet the qualifications for the position..yet. This is because the position required 6 months of technology sales experience. While Tom did not know where to earn that experience, Joe was able to connect him to a paid computer sales internship that he benefitted from in his own experience. Once Tom took this opportunity, he went back and applied for a sales position. Because of Tom’s initiative and the guidance and resources from Joe, we are happy to announce Tom is now selling computers in a store near you!

Streetwise partner’s mentorship program is an organization that gives members of overlooked communities a chance to gain knowledge, resources, and confidence when entering the workforce! This mentorship focuses on increasing employment opportunities from under-resourced communities within New York, Washington D.C., and Detroit. StreetWise pairs volunteers with mentees who are unemployed or looking for another job to provide them the skills, resources, and access needed to network and maintain employment. Mentors not only say they have made impacts but have been impacted through the program themselves.

“The StreetWise Program is an extraordinary program that allows mentors like myself to have a huge and positive impact on someone else’s life, all while building your own mentor skillsets. Being able to help my mentees follow their passions and find better working situations is an indescribable experience that has also allowed myself to learn and grow from the network the program creates.” — Briana Cobell

Want to get involved? Click here to learn how to volunteer!

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